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What Does Your First Appointment Look Like?

​Your first visit with the doctor will consist of thorough health history and physical examination, often lasting 45-60 minutes long. A thorough examination may consist of but is not limited to a full-body physical, neurological and orthopedic procedures, muscle testing, and functional bio-mechanics.


Depending on your condition, a radiological exam may be necessary prior to treatment, or referral to another provider may be indicated. If you are able to be treated on the day of the exam, the Dr. Erin will begin care on your first visit. You will receive an explanation of the nature of the condition, discuss short and long-term goals, and have an opportunity to ask any other questions that you may have.


Follow-up appointments are determined based on the unique needs of your condition. Chiropractic visits often last 15-20 minutes, while acupuncture visits are usually 30-45 minutes. 

What does an appointment look like at nurture family wellness?
Newborn and precnancy care

Functional medicine and nutrition consultations often require more comprehensive labs to evaluate underlying pathologies, including blood work, salivary hormone testing, or functional GI testing, which will be determined at your initial visit. If additional labs are required, Dr. Erin will review those results at a follow-up appointment and then proceed with recommendations at that time.  

We are pleased to offer virtual telemedicine appointments available for those who would prefer this option instead of an in-office visit. Functional medicine and nutrition visits may be performed via phone or video call. Please select this option upon booking your appointment.  

We request that all new patients fill out their intake forms electronically prior to their first appointment. This can be done by registering through our online appointment booking system.


We make an effort to reduce paper use by keeping as much information electronic as possible. Failing to complete these forms ahead of time may impact the duration of your appointment and the ability to perform full treatment.


We appreciate your time and cooperation!

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